Handicraft workshop Baziunowa Izba

Our workshop was established in 2012 in Nowy Targ, because of love for the mountains and for beautiful and unusual things. My name is Jagoda Majcher M.Sc., and I have graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow at the Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals. We design and make jewellery and everyday, households  items. Our projects are inspired by mountains and highlander folklore, where traditional folk patterns take on new, fresh forms.

We create jewellery using traditional jewellery and foundry methods. Each specimen is hand-soldered, oxidized and polished. We work on 925 fineness silver and 14 carat gold. We decorate our designs with natural minerals and natural leather straps from local suppliers.

Signs hangers are our flagship project that was created in 2014. We were the first ones who came up with the idea of using a mountain signpost motif, giving it practical and usable form. Our hangers Signs decorate hundreds of houses, hostels, guesthouses, hotels, enjoying the eye of the original graphics with attention to the smallest detail. They are handmade from solid wood, decorated with forged hooks what gives each copy an unique character.